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Hey you !

Beat pix is a 2d tower defense / platformer in side-view where you'll have to build musical turrets using beats and shoot aliens to prevent them from stealing music !

I created it during my first year of game design degree using Unity ^^

We had to create a tower-defense game orchestrated around a given music, by groups of 7 in cooperation with artists !

The music isn't from us, credits to Yacht Club Games and all remixes found on Youtube.


This is a tower defense game where you have to protect music ! Aliens invade our world to steal our new source of energy : the Beats, and you're one of the last hopes to destroy them !

Build turrets unleashing musical power, build your melody across the level, get beats and defend your base !

Turrets need a certain amount of beats to be built, and you can place them on the corresponding emplacements !


- Left click : Shoot / Place turret

- E : Melee attack

- Mouse : Aim

- Scroll : 

- QD : Move

- Space : Jump

- F : Trigger new wave


- You have to press F to trigger a new wave

Install instructions

- Extract the file

- Launch Beat Pix.exe

- Enjoy !


Beat Pix.rar 46 MB

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