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Hoy !

Here's is an exercise we had to make in our game design course where we would design an alternative tutorial for the first Dark Souls and build its blocking in Unreal Engine 4 with severe restrictions on the asset we can use !

(And I got 18, I think my level design is amazing, I'm proud of it !)


You are in a cell in a sewer and a key is slowly getting to you through the canal, it seems to be coming from a dead body that just dropped from... Up there ?

You have no weapon, how will you get out of here ?

You can pick-up blue objects and open doors, but some doors require green keys to be activated to be opened.

In the end, the boss falls down to the very bottom of the tower, giving a key.


- E / A : Interact

- Mouse / Right stick : Camera

- Shift / Left stick button : Sprint

- ZQSD / Left stick : Move

- Space / B : Jump


Install instructions

1) Download the .zip

2) Extract it wherever you want

3) Execute LordranSewers.exe

4) Enjoy !


LordranSewers.zip 141 MB
LD_DarkSouls_LevelDesignDocument.pdf 222 kB

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