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de_subway is a Counter Strike : Global offensive custom defuse map we designed during our game design studies.

We had to realize the level design of a CSGO map, make a top-down layout and build it in Unreal Engine 4

We worked hard on it during one week as a group of 5 and we're proud of it !


In a big subway station, terrorists and counter-terrorists fight each other


- Space : Jump

- ZQSD : Move

- Shift : Walk

- C / Ctrl : Crouch

- Alt : Sprint


- The light is ugly, Unreal didn't want to build it well


This project was made with the help of

- Bastien BERNAND

- Eloïse GUR

- Adnan ESBER

- Alexandre FOUCRET

- Alexandre PASERO


de_subway.zip 162 MB

Install instructions

1) Download the .zip

2) Extract the .zip

3) Launch WorkshopLD_CSGO.exe

4) Enjoy !


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Very cool !

Thank you!

oyun online mi 

öyle indirecem.

This is just a level design, there is no online game, thank you for checking it ^^

Good gam

Thank you !