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Eldritch Breach is a horror escape game where you have to escape from a huge and mysterious prison ruled by strange cultists and populated with eldritch creatures. There are multiple ways to escape, will you find them all?


You are Abigail Handford, a journalist who came in this town to investigate about strange disappearances...

You wake up a in a dark, mysterious jail, a guardian is lurking in the corridors, he is terrifying, 

Now, try to escape, to understand this place, to survive.

Developers' notes

I was the instigator of this project, and my 2 mates and I designed the level, mechanics, & worked for 2 months to produce this unfinished demo in Unity. We're quite proud of it. It's the first "real" game we had the pleasure to make and we are quite happy with the result.

I was in charge of programming the characters, the 3C, the physics manipulation system, and creating most of the assets used, including the enemy guard.

You can check the environmental art work here


- ZQSD : Move

- Shift : Run

- Click : Interact

- Drag : Move objects

- Ctrl : Crouch

- Space : Jump


- Can't guarantee it will run on potato PC

- Getting out of your cell can be hard so just sprint glitch through the door

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Female Protagonist, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Physics, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Eldritch Breach.rar 278 MB
Eldritch Breach.zip 303 MB


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I couldn't get used to ZQSD ... why not the standard WSAD? that killed it for me.. 

Because WASD is only for US, this game was made by a French teal and we hadn't enought production time to let users change it ^^;

Would be nice if it could be made an option, I'd love to re-visit it properly

I'm not sure but I think you can switch from QWERTY to AZERTY by pressing Shift + Alt, that's like this on most keyboards at least
And you can also change the inputs in the Unity launcher

Yup there's an option for it right before you start the game ;)

I'm very glad you want to play it that much :o

I'll update it then ;)

Really nice game but I hope I finished this game in a right way :D

Hey ! We're super glad you played it and even made a video about it, thank you !

We made it during our first year of game design studies ^^ We tried to make it as good as we could but it holds many bugs, it's a fraction of what it should be supposed to be finished, just a demo ^^


Bro I really appreciated your work is super amazing :)) 5/5 :) 

developer can you change your file from rar to zip file that way we all can review your guys game and give feedback

Oh I didn't know it could be an issue, but I uploaded a .zip now !
Thanks for wanting to try my game !

Hey no problem bro anytime

7zip is free and multiplatform.. it handles rar and many other formats.. rar is more efficient than zip =) .. zip is a very very old compression, but still common I know.. but that's why I'd recommend 7zip since it handles them all.

You're right !

An interesting game. I like the idea of it, escaping an eldritch prison through a variety of different ways. However, there are quite a few bugs. 

Wow hey !

I am one of the creators of this game and we're super glad you tested it in a so long video !
We're very proud of our project, thank you very much ^^

And yes there are many bugs, it's a student project, we had to create a prototype, we worked hard on it during 2 months, during our first year of game design ^^ It's totally not finished x)

But it was our intention to bring many mysteries and make the player mad so I think we succeeded xD