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I couldn't get used to ZQSD ... why not the standard WSAD? that killed it for me.. 

Because WASD is only for US, this game was made by a French teal and we hadn't enought production time to let users change it ^^;

Would be nice if it could be made an option, I'd love to re-visit it properly

I'm not sure but I think you can switch from QWERTY to AZERTY by pressing Shift + Alt, that's like this on most keyboards at least
And you can also change the inputs in the Unity launcher

Yup there's an option for it right before you start the game ;)

I'm very glad you want to play it that much :o

I'll update it then ;)

Really nice game but I hope I finished this game in a right way :D

Hey ! We're super glad you played it and even made a video about it, thank you !

We made it during our first year of game design studies ^^ We tried to make it as good as we could but it holds many bugs, it's a fraction of what it should be supposed to be finished, just a demo ^^


Bro I really appreciated your work is super amazing :)) 5/5 :) 

developer can you change your file from rar to zip file that way we all can review your guys game and give feedback

Oh I didn't know it could be an issue, but I uploaded a .zip now !
Thanks for wanting to try my game !

Hey no problem bro anytime

7zip is free and multiplatform.. it handles rar and many other formats.. rar is more efficient than zip =) .. zip is a very very old compression, but still common I know.. but that's why I'd recommend 7zip since it handles them all.

You're right !

An interesting game. I like the idea of it, escaping an eldritch prison through a variety of different ways. However, there are quite a few bugs. 

Wow hey !

I am one of the creators of this game and we're super glad you tested it in a so long video !
We're very proud of our project, thank you very much ^^

And yes there are many bugs, it's a student project, we had to create a prototype, we worked hard on it during 2 months, during our first year of game design ^^ It's totally not finished x)

But it was our intention to bring many mysteries and make the player mad so I think we succeeded xD