A downloadable Kalisia Elain Elidas for Windows

Hey you !

Kalisia Elain Elidas (Call it Kalisia) is an exploration / adventure experience  prototype I created during my game design degree using Unreal Engine 4 ! 

We had to create an artistic scene individually to make a player feel things using ambiance contrasts, so I kinda went for a prototype of a personal project but didn't go too far, though I'm super happy with the render !

All the assets aren't from me, credit to their creators.


This is an exploration scene, you have no objective, just wander through the map and feel.

online leader boards and a level editor for community levels, and probably many speed runners x)


- Space / Face button down : Jump

- ZQSD / Left stick : Movements

- Up, Down, Right, Left / Mouse / Right joystick : Camera


- DON'T enter in the central pit nor in the lake.

- Even if the game displays an interaction message, it won't work



Install instructions

Extract the folder, and launch Contrast02.exe, enjoy ;)

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