A downloadable Kalisia Elain Elidas for Windows

Kalisia Elain Elidas (what a dumb name) is a 3rd person exploration / adventure experience with no final goal where you can venture in and out of the forest and feel the shit in atmosphere between the areas.

Developer's notes

It's an unfinished prototype I made to experiment with environments, ambiance, music and 3C / 3rd person movements in Unreal Engine. I quite like it. I thought quite a bit about the level design of the forest mainly, even though there are no goals or mechanics aside from the crappy jump.

All of the assets used were taken from the free Unreal Engine market place and were not made by me. Musics are not mine and just here to reinforce the ambiance.

Musics :

- Forest Temple - Ocarina of time

- Satorl, the shimmering march - Xenoblade Chronicles


- Space / Face button down : Jump

- ZQSD / Left stick : Movements

- Up, Down, Right, Left / Mouse / Right joystick : Camera


- DON'T go in the central pit nor in the lake.

- I know the jump is bad, sorry

- Even if the game displays an interaction message, it won't work



Install instructions

Extract the folder, and launch Contrast02.exe, enjoy ;)

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