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" One slash, one death "


Sclash is a plug’n play samurai fighting game full of tension where one hit means death.

Play as an experimented samurai with easy to execute actions for everyone. Breath and take time to anticipate your next moves and your enemy’s ones in large maps.
Manage well your stamina to land a deadly hit to your opponent and win the round.


  • Breathing battles
    • You have space and time to think of your approach and your opponent’s. With the stamina mechanic, the fight is paced like a solemn duel

  • Battle to the top & maximum pressure
    • On these very cool looking fighting scenes where one hit is enough, the taste of the samurais’ last battle and the pressure of the opposition will be felt at each interaction

  • Easy to get a grip on
    • 3 buttons and no combo, anyone can learn how to play Sclash in 5 minutes

  • Plug’n play
    • Once you click on play the fight immediately starts, what can be faster ?


This is the demo of the game, which is currently in development ^^

We're a small team of 3 mates (@Kaldrin@Linagur and @Ruyuik, and an external compositor, Antoine SEYCHAL) working without budget on our first game we are very proud of!

Don't forget to fill the feedback form or the problem report one linked in the .zip once you finished playing it, it helps us a lot! (Be 100% honest on what you think of the game, don't worry)

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Share it and follow us on social networks, that's what helps the most, thank you!

If you can, consider donating to us, it would help us continue the development of the game.

Thanks a lot for testing it out!


Join our Discord server to participate in playtests, events, submit ideas, follow the making, report bugs, or just talk with the devs and the community!



Thanks for checking and maybe playing the game ! We'd love to hear your feedback on it so we've already set up quick 5 mins forms for that, or if you found any bug you want to report!

     Feedback form

     Bug / problem report










Presskit     Presskit


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I really love the simple inputs but deep mind games and counters. I can't wait for it to be released on steam so I can play with friends with the "remote play together" feature.

Thank you very much ! Glad you like it :D

Is there any single player match??? 

Sadly not yet, but we are working to make this happen, it will for sure be in the final version :) (With a lot more content ahah)

Okay I will wait for that

You can still play it with your friends ^^

Thanks for your interest in the game ;)


There is now an AI to fight in single player if you are still interested!