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dope game

Thank you very much!


really nice art style. But the combat system I think might not be that fun(even the concept of one slash one death seems interesting.

Thanks for your feedback! We're trying to improve step by step the combat system, I think it's more interesting against an actual player rather than an AI, especially since he haven't integrated a good AI yet ^^


This is a good game. I hope to update the custom keys in the future. Most people in FGH are not used to it. The default JKL is better. It comes from the evaluation of a Chinese player. Come on! I will share it with more people. When steam is released, many people will buy it. I have added it to my wish list and hope to update some DLC skin

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Do you mean you'd rather have a control scheme like JKL for player 1 attacks?


Yes, I think most people are more comfortable with JKL, and most games are JKL

Alright thanks for the feedback!


I really love the simple inputs but deep mind games and counters. I can't wait for it to be released on steam so I can play with friends with the "remote play together" feature.

Thank you very much ! Glad you like it :D


Is there any single player match??? 

Sadly not yet, but we are working to make this happen, it will for sure be in the final version :) (With a lot more content ahah)


Okay I will wait for that

You can still play it with your friends ^^

Thanks for your interest in the game ;)


There is now an AI to fight in single player if you are still interested!