1.1.1 bug fixes


- Fixed! 

The game was not recognizing Chapter 5 save files because of some last-minute changes. The good news is that the save file is not deleted, unless you overwrote it by starting a new game you should be able to continue your playthrough normally.


- Enforced 16:9 aspect ratio for wide screens
- Set Akiko to not be here in Zen mode in Chapter 5
- Adjusted firewall distance for Ryuujin checkpoint in Chapter 4
- Changed the speed of the Firewall visuals
- Unlocked story achievements that did not trigger for some people, now if you completed the story mode you should have them.
- Updated credits to put some names that were missing from them
- Fixed active frames of Masked Ronin
- Added text indicator below the modes' names in the story menu to tell the player they will overwrite their current save file if they have one.

Thanks, everyone, for reporting bugs!


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Sep 10, 2023

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