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Aden is a 3rd person action-adventure game with souls-like combat in which you find yourself stranded in the land of Aden, desperately trying to find a cure for your people. As Amalin, fight your way through the automatons to the citadel, climb and explore the land, and unravel the mysteries of the mysterious demigods of Aden.


Aden is an unfinished prototype made in 2 months to gain experience in the development of 3rd person action games in Unreal Engine, hugely inspired by Souls & Zelda games.

A big chunk of our work went into designing the levels, but time caught us up and we could not fully realize our vision.

In this game I was in charge of designing & building the second level, and of the 3C of the character, it was super interesting and rewarding to program the systems, movements, weapon types, and fighting system (A weapon-switching system akin to Bloodborne, again, not fully realized), working with the animation layers, dodges, climbing system... I learned a lot and I'm eager to contribute to other similar projects.


- A / Space : Jump / Interact

- ZQSD / Left stick : Move

- Mouse / Right stick : Camera

- Maj. Lock / Left trigger : Lock enemy

- Z / Left stick Y+ : Climb

- S / Left stick Y- : Drop down

- Left click / X : Weapon 1

- Right click / Y : Weapon 2

- Shift / Right trigger : Sprint


- The first level is laggy, but please push through

- It lacks a level we couldn't successfully build in the game


This project was made with the cooperation of

- Bastien BERNAND (Me)


- Baptiste MIGLIORINI (Pietro)

- Pablo MASIP (Music)


Aden demo

Install instructions

1) Download the .rar

2) Extract it wherever you want

3) Start Aden.exe

4) Try to enjoy

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