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Solve puzzles together with your past and future self!



Layers of time is a puzzle game where you play in cooperation with your past & future self to solve puzzles where time loops and you start over every X seconds.

Each loop you'll play along a ghost of the inputs you made on the previous loops and try with them to solve the level.


Key features


- Time loop levels



- Multiple loops playing at the same time with ghosts of the player's previous loops helping them



- Play with physics



- Funny stupid ghosts replicating whatever you did



Developers notes

It was tough! Github decided to break our project 4 hours before the end so yeah the game could have been better. Lots of sweat and blood to make it, but it went ok, we are very proud of the strong loop and ghost inputs systems we integrated.

We made this game with Dylan BROUSSE and Clément COLMERAUER for the Ludum Dare 47.

We want to add more levels, gameplay, and juiciness. We’ll continue to work on this game and add more features. You can follow the game & us on social networks to have updates! If you run into a bug or find a cool way to solve a level don't hesitate to tell us!

We invite you to play the post Jam fix version, we fixed game-breaking bugs( That didn't happen easily but still) added visual, audio, and sensory feedback, and corrected typos, but of course, the Jam version works very well too.

If you have an issue, the game doesn't work, anything, first try to restart it, then don't hesitate to ping us on Twitter!

On this project I programmed the gameplay and time loop architecture, it was important to have a clean structure for the recording of loops, character and its inputs for it work well. I'm very proud of the system I built. I also gave the character its look and animations and globally worked on how the game looks and feels.


Known bugs & issues

- Sometimes the ghost inputs are not 100% precise, resulting in not exactly the same outcome.


Links Ludum Dare 47 entry page

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    Aldrefan's LinkedIn (Dylan BROUSSE)

    Clément's LinkedIn

    Aldrefan's Itch.io

    Clément's Itch.io

    Kaldrin's Itch.io




LayersOfTime_1.0PostJamBuild.zip 25 MB

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