Demo 3.8.8

Hey everyone, new demo update with a few changes!

3.8.8 here we go baby:

Bug fixes & various stuff:

- Capped FPS to 60.

- Disabled double tap dash for now.

- Fixed some minor UI tidbits.

- Fixed score names displayed on the win screen, which was only in English before, now works for all languages.

- Minor fix of language & accessibility settings title display.

- Amaterasu's second swing on his double swing attacks no longer has a hitbox on the back of the character, only the first swing during a forward attack.

- Adjusted slow-mo & camera shake.

- Various minor fixes & polish


- Increased a little Amaterasu's attacks recovery duration.

Improvements & features:

- Added slow-mo and feedback to pommel strike stamina break.

The FPS is now capped at 60 so don't hesitate to tell us if you notice any performance improvement or less GPU usage, would really help us!
The next update should see some performance improvements, we have a lead.

Thank you, everyone, that will be all!

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May 25, 2023

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